Sítio Flor das Águas is an ecological paradise immersed in the Atlantic Forest, along the banks of the exuberant Encontro dos Rios. The constant sound of the waters is an invitation to enjoy contact with nature and discover exclusive refuges for bathing and hiking inside the site. Plenty of fresh water and clean mountain air!


To experience the simplicity of country life in the middle of the mountains!

In less than 50 meters you will be on the edge of Encontro dos Rios to enjoy a good bath in clear and transparent waters … if you want to venture out for longer hikes, you can follow one of the trails that will take you to exclusive corners on the edge from the river for invigorating dives or just calm your mind by meditating immersed in nature!

We have already received groups of more than 20 people to carry out holistic and therapeutic practices. We are expanding our structures to offer a covered space protected from the elements, and yoga, meditation and other group activities can be taught. At the moment, we have a thatched-roof hut, very special at the end of the Trail to the Grota. Send us your proposal to find out if we can meet your group’s needs!
We are a family owned and operated business.
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We are a family owned and operated business.

“Perfect for relaxing! In addition to the location being in the middle of the forest, from the bedroom we hear the noise of the waterfall, let alone, it is one of the luxuries that the inn offers! ”

“The inn is surrounded by the Atlantic Forest, a beautiful setting. I stayed in one of the chalets, with a minibar, cable TV, fireplace and bathtub, as well as a cute balcony. Very comfortable!”

“Quiet place for those looking to renew their energy and a good rest, perfect views, inn with points for waterfall baths, super organized, clean, great service.”